Formula Fusion has been the name of R8 Games' WipEout-esque racing game for years, but the studio has made the decision to change the title altogether. Now called Pacer, the anti-gravity racer is still a work in progress, but as you can see from the new trailer, it's shaping up rather nicely.

According to senior producer Steve Iles, it's not just a name change: "The game has changed significantly with a ground up re-coding of the core gameplay systems and inclusion of a wealth of new content. We’ve got some big plans for 2019 and we felt that we needed to reflect that with a name that more accurately captured the spirit of the game."

We had the chance to play the game a couple of years back and were left optimistic, so hopefully it'll make a good impression when it does finally cross the finish line. It's now slated for release this year on PlayStation 4. What do you think of Pacer? Are you looking forward to this WipEout-like racing title? Pick up the pace in the comments below.