The Division 2 How to Get the Exotic Pestilence LMG Guide

How do you get the exotic LMG known as Pestilence in The Division 2? Every one of the game's numerous exotic weapons requires quite the investment, but obtaining the Pestilence is actually fairly straight forward. Here's how to make it a permanent part of your loadout.

How to get the Exotic Pestilence LMG in The Division 2

Much like other exotic weapons in The Division 2, Pestilence is a random drop based on RNG. However, you'll need to head to the Dark Zone in order to have any chance of obtaining this gun. Named bosses drop the LMG, and you'll find them at the numerous Landmarks found within the west, south, and east Dark Zones.

Farm these Landmarks until the weapon drops, with hard Landmarks offering a better chance of the odds tipping in your favour. You may get the weapon on your first drop, or even your 30th but it will be yours eventually. Continue to farm those Landmarks and one named boss will drop it at some point.