Enter the Gungeon Farewell to Arms PS4 PlayStation 4

It's three years to the day since the arrival of Enter the Gungeon, a bullet hell roguelike from Devolver Digital. To celebrate the milestone, developer Dodge Roll Games is releasing A Farewell to Arms, the third and final major update to the popular title. It's entirely free, as with the other expansions, so fans should definitely see what it has to offer.

A Farewell to Arms brings two new playable characters, The Gunslinger and The Paradox, who will of course have their own unique abilities and quirks. In addition, there are apparently dozens of new weapons and items to discover, as well as a secret floor with a new boss to tackle. There's also Rainbow Mode, in which players will find a rainbow chest at the start of each floor. The catch is that the items you take from these chests are the only ones you'll get during your run.

Throw in plenty of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, and this sounds like a pretty meaty finale. Will you be playing the new content in Enter the Gungeon on PS4? Kill the past in the comments below.