Shoot 'em ups go way back to the early days of video game history, and while their popularity has no doubt diminished, it's always good to see them reappear every so often. Smaller teams in particular are keeping the genre afloat, and Black Paradox is the latest attempt, mixing side-scrolling bullet hell with roguelite features.

Check out the above trailer to see it in action. Playing as a bounty hunter, you'll be flying through space and blasting hundreds of baddies to smithereens, all to a synthwave soundtrack. The game features lots of weapons and upgradable stats, as well as two-player local co-op and an unlockable boss rush mode. It looks like it could be pretty fun.

The game is due out tomorrow on PS4. What do you think of Black Paradox? Are you a fan of these arcade shooters? Dodge all those bullets in the comments below.