Patrice Désilets, the creative mind who brought us Assassin's Creed, moved away from Ubisoft a few years back, and has been crafting a brand new game with his new studio, Panache Digital Games. We've sort of known about Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey for a while, but today we have the first real look at what to expect from the title.

Ancestors looks to be an open ended survival game, starting 10 million years ago and working through the evolutionary chain. You play as ancient primate species, and need to eat, drink, and sleep to stay alive, as well as explore the vast Neogene Africa environment. In the above video, Désilets outlines some basic gameplay elements, and describes the lack of map and objectives, forcing players to discover for themselves what the game has to offer and come up with their own story. It sounds pretty interesting, we must admit.

It clearly still has some way to go in its development, but Ancestors is currently down for release this year. What do you think? Follow your instincts in the comments below.

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