The Division 2 How to Get Hyena, Outcast, & True Sons Keys Guide 1

How do you unlock the crates requiring faction keys in The Division 2? How do you get a Hyena, Outcast, or True Sons key? Here's where you'll find those elusive keys in order to pick up some extra loot on your travels.

How to Get Hyena, Outcast, & True Sons Keys in The Division 2

In order to find faction keys, you'll need to head underground. As you explore the sewers and underground facilities, keep an eye out for white cabinets on the wall that can be looted. They are typically found near Underground Entrances, so a quick trip down a ladder when you come across an open manhole is sure to result in a couple of key pickups.

Loot the cabinets and your reward will be a single key that can unlock one of the caches once. The key you get will normally be attached to the current faction that owns that territory. For example, looting a cabinet inside True Sons territory willl most likely yield a True Sons key.