Destiny 2's next batch of content, titled Season of the Drifter, is set to kick off next week, and in true Bungie fashion, the team has detailed what we should expect over the next few months in the form of a ViDoc. Check it out above.

Focused on the character of the Drifter, the gentleman who takes centre stage in the PvEvP mode Gambit, the Season of the Drifter will introduce a new mode named Gambit Prime. This is set to offer an even tougher test than the original mode with just one round of combat and higher risks, but of course better rewards. If you win the match, you get to put those rewards on the line in a further mode named The Reckoning, Here, you'll be confronted by swarms of enemies in a task that sort of acts like a horde mode that's always on the move.

Elsewhere, the classic Destiny exotic hand cannon Thorn returns to the battlefield, while new pinnacle weapons can be found at the top of the Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard ranks.

Most interestingly though, Luke Smith made an appearance where he teased what would be coming after the Annual Pass. He says: "We're starting to figure out what the roadmap for a Bungie-controlled Destiny looks like. This is just the beginning of a conversation we're going to have with you about where Destiny can go". Two other developers then jump in to tease that there is something coming after the Annual Pass wraps up its content delivery.

Do you think this will be another Taken King-like expansion, or another sequel? Shoot some Cabal in the comments below.