The Occupation is due for release on PS4 at the beginning of March, and it's looks like an intriguing title to say the least. Playing as an investigative journalist, you're tasked with uncovering the truth behind a controversial new act that's being put in place by the UK government. The fixed time hook is what makes the game interesting; as this new trailer states, an hour in real life is an hour in the game, and you have to use your time wisely if you're to succeed.

The video, embedded above, takes us through one approach you'll be able to utilise in your quest for evidence and truth. It seems like a lot of the gameplay will involve snooping around, possibly in places you shouldn't be, and interacting with people and objects to get what you need. The trailer does a decent job of explaining things, and it seems like there will be lots of ways to tackle the game.

We're looking forward to checking out The Occupation, but what do you think? Check your watch in the comments below.