Small publisher 11 Bit Studios has announced it's bringing the well-received arrest-'em-up Beat Cop to PlayStation 4. This title looks like it takes some inspiration from Papers, Please -- you'll be working a regular beat on one New York City street, writing tickets, making arrests, and investigating nefarious goings-on. It seems relatively open ended, as you're able to choose whether to accept or reject bribes, and help or ignore pedestrians.

On top of the day to day duties you'll be performing, there's also a larger story about how your character was demoted to beat cop in the first place, and his quest to clear his name. It looks like a pretty cool adventure if you ask us. Beat Cop is out on 5th March for PS4. Will you be swinging your baton in this intriguing title, or would you rather a box of donuts? Stay out of trouble in the comments below.