Demon's Souls PS3 PlayStation 3 Remaster Rumours

Kotaku's Jason Schreier is a respected member of games media, often breaking news on important issues facing the industry. He's held in high regard and is well connected, and will often comment on rumours he's heard through the grapevine.

The popular gaming forum ResetEra recently opened a thread, wishfully hoping for a Demon's Souls remaster. This is a project that's been heavily rumoured for some time now, with many believing remaster specialists Bluepoint Games is currently hard at work on reviving the overlooked PlayStation 3 action RPG. "Think we’ll ever get a Demon Souls remaster?" asks the thread's title.

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"Yes," responds Schreier. His single word response has sown fresh hope that a Demon's Souls remaster exists, because there's a possibility he knows something we don't. It's just more fuel for the fire at the end of the day, and it doesn't really mean all that much on its own. We'll have to wait until something more concrete comes to light, of course.

Do you think a Demon's Souls remaster is on the way? Is Bluepoint making it, or is this all a load of rubbish? Prepare to die (again) in the comments below.