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The artificial intelligence found in Horizon: Zero Dawn's robo-dinosaurs is undeniably great, but this little tidbit caught our attention. A new report on Gamasutra puts the spotlight on Guerrilla's AI tech, focusing on how the machines act alone or in a group, and it seems that lone robots will seek out herds and ask to join them.

Here's the direct quote from the report:

Individual machines in the world can request to join an existing open-world group if they’re on their own. This is useful feature given many machines are left isolated after the rest of the previous group either fled or have been destroyed. So the collective can recycle isolated machines to join other groups. To do this, each machine has a passport! Their passport stores facts about that machine, such as its level and machine type and the collective uses this to determine whether it will fit the requirements of another group, only moving across if it satisfies the groups needs.

In other words, wandering machines try to buddy up with similar creatures in a group. Even robotic deer need a few friends.

This is seemingly backed up by Guerrilla itself after the above quote was shared on Twitter:

You can read the full report on Horizon's AI here, if you're interested in learning more. Were you left impressed by the intelligence of the machines? Buddy up in the comments below.

[source gamasutra.com, via twitter.com]