What’s the February 2019 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the February 2019 PS Plus lineup be revealed? The New Year is well underway, but PS+ remains a constant every month, and we're here to speculate about the next selection of free games. This is actually the penultimate month with the PS3 and PS Vita involved, and Sony's still yet to communicate how the service will evolve once they're finally ditched next month. For now, here's the latest on Feb 2019's update.

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When will February 2019’s free PS Plus games be announced?

Assuming that Sony maintains the same schedule as previous months, then we can expect February 2019's free PlayStation Plus games to be announced on Wednesday, 30th January.

When will February 2019’s free PlayStation Plus games be available to download?

As usual, Feb 2019's free PS Plus games will be available to download from the first Tuesday in the month, which happens to be 5th February this time.

What are February 2019’s free PS Plus games?

January 2019's selection of free PlayStation Plus software disappointed some, with Steep and Portal Knights being the headline titles on the PS4. There's a chance we may see something like Metro Redux or Devil May Cry HD Collection, as the titles' respective publishers ready big sequels for release later this year. Personally we're still hoping to see the PS3 and PS Vita sent out in style, but the platform holder's shown no signs that it's planning to do that recently, so we guess they're just going to be buried with barely a whimper.

What free February 2019 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

Of course this article is designed for you to share your suggestions, so let us know which PS Plus games you'd like in February 2019 in the comments section. We're still eager to know how you feel PlayStation Plus needs to change and evolve over the course of the year, too.

What free February 2019 PS Plus games do you want? Do you think the likes of Metro Redux or Devil May Cry HD Collection would get you in the mood for their upcoming sequels? Chat everything PS+ in the comments section below.