What’s the January 2019 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when exactly will the January 2019 PS Plus lineup be revealed? We're entering a new era for PS+, as Sony will scrap PlayStation 3 and PS Vita support once March rolls around. That means that January 2019 represents one of the last hurrahs for the Japanese giant's legacy systems when it comes to PS Plus, and the company's yet to confirm how the service will evolve moving forwards. We're expecting some sizeable changes to the subscription later this year, but in the meantime here's all of the latest rumour and speculation regarding Jan 2019's update.

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When will January 2019’s free PS Plus games be announced?

Well, this is extremely tricky. Sony ordinarily announces the latest PlayStation Plus games on the final Wednesday in the month, but that happens to be 26th December this year – a holiday. We're expecting an announcement to come on 2nd January, but there's every possibility that the platform holder could go earlier. It's almost impossible to predict, but we'll be sure to take a break from our Christmas holiday and bring you all the news as it breaks on Push Square and on our YouTube channel.

When will January 2019’s free PlayStation Plus games be available to download?

It depends when Sony announces the PS Plus lineup as to when it will be available. Ordinarily we'd be looking at 1st January, but that's another holiday, and there's every chance the selection may not even be announced by then. More realistically we're probably looking at the games being available for download from 8th January, but we'll see.

What are January 2019’s free PS Plus games?

Sony did a really good job with PlayStation Plus in 2018, responding to criticism and offering the big blockbusters that subscribers demanded. We're expecting more of the same in January 2019, especially during these early parts of the year before the PS3 and PS Vita are ditched. We'd like to see a few more PSVR bonus games join the roster, and we'd like to see the aforementioned platforms sent out in style. As for the PS4, we reckon the lineup has been really good of late, so we'd be happy with more of the same.

What free January 2019 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

And now it's your turn: what PS Plus games would you like in January 2019? Is there anything on the PS3 and PS Vita that you'd love to receive before Sony pulls the plug? How do you think PlayStation Plus needs to change and evolve in 2019? Let us know.

What free January 2019 PS Plus games would you like? How do you expect the service to evolve throughout the coming year? Let's talk PS+ in the comments section below.