Battlefield V PS4 PlayStation 4 Game Awards Sale

We're mere hours away from The Game Awards 2018, and as has become tradition, the US PlayStation Store is playing host to a new sale, celebrating the nominees in this year's show. It's live right now, and features a whole range of reduced prices on lots of the nominated games.

Battlefield V is down to $35.99, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 can be bought for $47.99, and FIFA 19 is a pretty reasonable $29.99. Of course, it's not just the big games that are reduced. Smaller games like Donut County, Dead Cells, Celeste, and plenty more are going cheap. What's more, there are even a handful of inclusions that don't feature in this year's Game Awards at all, so it's definitely worth a quick browse to see what's available.

Will you be grabbing a nominated game in this sale? Count your pennies in the comments below.