Ubisoft is a publisher that isn't shy about merging its games together in fun ways. We recall references to Assassin's Creed cropping up in other mainstays like Watch Dogs and Far Cry, but this latest example is perhaps the most direct crossover yet. A special, three-week event has just begun in medieval combat game For Honor, and it sees the assassins and templars entering the fray.

Called 'For the Creed', the event is framed as an Animus simulation in which you can fight as a knight, viking, or samurai alongside either the assassins or the templars. Players will battle for control of a central zone, and if you capture it, the enemy general will emerge -- either Ezio Auditore or Cesare Borgia, depending on which side you're on. There are also Assassin's Creed inspired moves, weapons, skins, and more to enjoy.

The event lasts for three weeks, ending on 10th January 2019. Will you be playing For Honor's For the Creed event? Choose a side in the comments below.

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