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Fallout 76 came underfire once more this week, after fans who purchased the Collector’s Edition noted that the canvas duffel bag the premium edition was supposed to ship with had been replaced by a cheap nylon alternative. Bethesda promised to make things right by providing peeved peasants with microtransaction currency instead, claiming that it was unable to manufacture the original item due to the unavailability of materials.

However, it’s since emerged that the publisher handed press kits out to “influencers” at its Greenbrier promo event packaged in… Yes, canvas duffel bags. While it’s not identical to the one that had been promised to Collector’s Edition buyers, this is a particularly bad look.

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To be fair, the publisher’s probably not lying when it says it didn’t have the required materials available – it would have needed to ship many thousand more Collector’s Editions than press kits – but it’s still not going to sit well with disgruntled fans. The microtransaction compensation already felt like a slap in the face, but this is more like a full-blown haymaker.

Editor's Note: The headline has been updated to reflect the fact that the canvas bag given to influencers was not identical to the one promised to Collector's Edition buyers.

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