What’s the November 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when exactly will the November 2018 PS Plus lineup be announced? We actually might know this month's PS+ lineup ahead of time, as it leaked right at the very beginning of October. All the same, we're going get into all of the PS Plus rumours and speculation in this article, so sit tight and let's tuck in.

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When will November 2018’s free PS Plus games be announced?

As is almost always the case, November 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games will be announced on the last Wednesday in the month, which is 31st October this time. You could say that we're in for a Halloween treat. We'll share all of the news the second it breaks on Push Square and on our YouTube channel.

When will November 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be available to download?

Sony's schedule means that November 2018’s free PS Plus games will be available to download from Tuesday, 6th November.

What are November 2018’s free PS Plus games?

As mentioned at the top of the article, November 2018’s PlayStation Plus games may have already leaked. Sony updated a banner showcasing Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition as November’s free PS Plus games at the beginning of October, but promptly took the image down. A SEGA representative later confirmed the inclusion of Kazuma Kiryu’s remake, meaning that these two titles are almost certain to make the grade. Of course we don’t yet know which PS3 and PS Vita titles will be added, as these two leaked titles represent the PS4 portion of the lineup only.

What free November 2018 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

Now for the most important part of the article: which November 2018 PS Plus games would get your pulse racing? Is this leaked lineup something that would satisfy you? Are you hoping for different titles at all? What about on the PS3 and PS Vita – will Sony ever offer anything meaningful on these platforms again? Let us know.

What free November 2018 PS Plus games do you want? Do you like the look of the leaked lineup at all? Let us know your PS+ thoughts in the comments section below.