Tekken 7 3 Million Art

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada has shared some really nice Tekken 7 artwork over on his Twitter account. The drawing features every character in the game -- minus guest characters Akuma, Geese, and Noctis, and DLC characters Lei and Anna -- as they celebrate the title's success. Tekken 7 actually crossed the three million mark earlier in the year, but Harada says that there wasn't time to upload the image back then.

Impressively, Tekken as a series has now hit 47 million copies sold -- even more reason to celebrate.

We always love seeing artwork like this, and we've already spent minutes picking out each of our favourite fighters. If you zoom in far enough, you might even catch Harada himself right at the back, behind Bob and Shaheen.

[source twitter.com]