Devolver Digital has just unveiled its latest curiosity, and it's called Observation. It's from the developer No Code, which previously made the well-received 80s adventure collection known as Stories Untold. However, this new game is heading to PS4 as well, and it looks pretty interesting.

In Observation, you play as a spaceship's AI called SAM as things start to go wrong during a mission. Switching your view between all the ship's cameras, you're able to utilise certain onboard systems and tools in order to aid Dr Emma Fisher in solving puzzles. What's more, a strange message reading "Bring her" flashes onscreen, so it seems there's more to the damage than a mere accident.

It's launching in Spring 2019, and though details are scarce, this is looking pretty promising. What do you make of Observation? Open the pod bay doors in the comments below.

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