Sony’s gone absolutely mad with licensed products this generation, so we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by this line of officially licensed, y’know, furniture. Part of Pottery Barn’s teen line – because Instagram kids need state of the art bedrooms to snap selfies in – this new selection of overpriced MDF-based gear comes emblazoned with PlayStation iconography.

To be fair, we really like the Icon Wall Light, which has an industrial look to it and lights up. It’s steep at $199, but it does admittedly look nice. We also like the Acrylic Cubbies which you can use to store up to eight games in – and even hook your headphones on. They’re $69 so if you’ve got a big collection you may want to look at alternatives, but you could use them as a statement we suppose.

We’re less keen on the $1,099 gaming station, which includes a moveable cabinet and a bunch of drawers and open surfaces. The similarly designed Lounge Table also looks pricey at $399. But worst of the lot is the $249 bean bag, which looks like a jester’s hat. Anyway, this is a thing now, we guess. Interested? Let us know in the comments section below.

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