Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Give to the Poor Guide 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 allows you to give to the poor via the Gang Tithing box, but you have limited opportunities to part with your hard earned cash. Donating a measly $250 will reward you with the ‘Give to the Poor’ Trophy, but if you don’t do this between Chapters 2 through 4, you may miss the opportunity entirely. That means that this Trophy is actually missable, so here’s how to get it.

How to Give to the Poor in Red Dead Redemption 2

During the Chapters 2 through 4 you’ll find a donation box in your camp. Make sure that you drop $250 in it while it’s available, because otherwise you won’t be able to unlock the ‘Give to the Poor’ Trophy without restarting the game. Earning money is easy enough, and you can find out how to earn money early in Red Dead Redemption 2 through the link. You don’t need to deposit $250 all at once for the Trophy as it will accumulate. It’s worth mentioning that only your donations will count towards the Trophy – the contributions of your gang members don't count.