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Microsoft’s getting stomped globally by the PlayStation 4, but it believes that “hardcore gamers” gravitate towards the Xbox One ahead of Sony’s system. Aaron Greenberg, one of the marketing bigwigs at the Redmond firm, told IGN Italia at Gamescom 2018 that he believes the most engaged players prefer to game in green.

“I notice the same and identical thing on my friends list and the data we have available suggests exactly that. Hardcore players, those who prefer the best gaming experience, have always been on our side, from the first Xbox to Xbox 360 and now with the Xbox One X,” he said. “Looking at the numbers and results of the competition, we have a smaller installed base, but the attach rate and sales data for many games are much higher on Xbox.”

As far as we understand it, Greenberg’s not lying that the attach rate of some titles favour the Xbox One, but the law of averages means that if you’ve got a larger install base, you’re always going to bring the overall attach rate down. The more relevant statistic relates to where the majority of games sell best, and we all know that’s on the PS4.

Greenberg continued that Xbox maintains such a strong fanbase by constantly connecting with its fans: “We are at Gamescom especially for our users and the Xbox Fan Fest and we do similar activities all over the world,” he added. “Along with Phil Spencer we are always very attentive to this aspect, it is really important to spend time with our fans and we will continue to do so, it is part of our way of being.”

It’s an interesting point because it speaks to an article we published recently about PlayStation becoming closed off from its community. There’s no doubt that Microsoft, at the present moment, is much more openly engaging with fans and the media; the problem is that it often feels like it’s talking purely to maintain a semblance of relevance.

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