In case you didn't already know, fresh Street Fighter V characters Sagat and G are out today, but if you want to get a better look at what awaits, we'd recommend watching Capcom's latest in-depth character videos on the newcomers.

Sagat will obviously be familiar to veteran fans of the series, and the towering muay thai master is still as versatile as ever. He's got projectiles, his good old tiger uppercut, and, of course, his tiger knee.

G, meanwhile, is a brand new addition to the franchise, although much like Sagat, he seems pretty versatile. G can increase his "presidencialty level" and enjoy enhanced special moves as it levels up. It sounds mental, but it makes more sense when you see it in the video. You'll have to trust us on that one.

What do you think of Sagat and G? Will you be playing as either of these fighters? Show us some sweet tiger knee juggles in the comments section below.