FIFA 19 PS4 PlayStation 4 Hardware Bundle Sony 1

Sony’s got to be rubbing its hands together right now. The PlayStation 4 may be nearing its fifth anniversary, but the Japanese giant’s barely had to budge on price – and it’s got a lineup this holiday that’s surely going to mean that it enters its sixth year on the market in an incredibly strong position. The company’s also landed marketing partnerships with many of the biggest third-party titles, including FIFA 19.

And in Europe, the organisation’s going crazy, lining up a whopping six hardware bundles. The flagship, which is set to launch on 25th September, includes a 1TB PS4, a DualShock 4, and a copy of the soccer sim’s Champions Edition, which is scheduled to drop three days ahead of the standard release. The premium package also bundles in a bunch of FIFA Ultimate Team packs, including a UEFA Champions League Player Pick.

And then, from 28th September, a whopping five further FIFA 19 hardware bundles will be made available, including: a 1TB PS4 Pro with one DualShock 4, a 1TB PS4 Pro with two DualShock 4s, a 1TB PS4 Slim with one DualShock 4, a 500GB PS4 Slim with one DualShock 4, and a 500GB PS4 Slim with two DualShock 4s. Obviously pricing and retailer availability will vary across the continent, so you’re just going to have to ask at your local store.