RAGE 2 Monstertruck 1526392048

Many of you reading this will have played open world games that aren't really all that open. Huge maps that are segmented into zones, and in order to gain access to those zones, you need to either work through the story or fulfil some kind of level requirement. Sound familiar?

Apparently, this isn't something that RAGE 2 developers Avalanche and id Software want in their upcoming shooter. "As soon as you finish the introduction, the door opens and you can go anywhere," director Tim Willits told VG247. "There are some things you want to do, but we also want you to explore, talk to folks, play at your own pace. We’re trying not to do that sector-based open world game."

In other words, you'll be able to explore the whole map at your leisure right from the start. Given the look of RAGE 2's bombastic vehicle combat and large shootouts, just going off on your own could lead to some fun diversions.

What do you make of this design choice? Drive off into the distance in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com]