There's no getting around the fact that Destiny 2 butchered the cosmetic shader system of the first game so that it could exploit the whole thing in the name of microtransactions, and as if we didn't hate the overhauled system enough already, we've just found out that it's wasted a combined 25 years of players' time.

Deleting shaders in Destiny 2 is an absolute chore. As a Reddit user points out, it takes one second or so to delete a single shader, and yes, you can only remove one of them at a time. When you've collected a huge number of unwanted shaders, you're usually sitting there for what seems like an eternity, although it is worth pointing out that Bungie is adding mass shader deletion in an upcoming patch. Thank god.

Anyway, the developer has rather comically revealed that 807,635,124 shaders have been deleted in Destiny 2 thus far. And according to Reddit, that adds up to 25.6 collective years. Over 25 years of deleting bloody shaders.

We know the joke is that Destiny loves wasting your time, but this is a bit on the nose isn't it?

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