The Culling 2 released on the PlayStation 4 last week, and it’s been removed from the PlayStation Store this week. The game, a kind of Battle Royale, was basically a disaster – and developer Xaviant Games has been forced to address its community on YouTube. In a refreshingly frank video, director of operations Josh Van Veld reveals that refunds will be issued to anyone who purchased the title – and that the studio will be returning to work on the original, PC-only version of The Culling.

To put this into clearer focus: the developer made and released a sequel, scrapped it, and is now returning to work on its predecessor. This is unprecedented, no?

While it’s obvious that some poor business decisions were made, we really do appreciate Xaviant Games’ honesty here. The team’s clearly done some soul-searching and come to the conclusion that it made some bad bets, and sometimes that’s okay. Obviously we have no idea how this is going to impact the company financially, but if it can keep its head above water and get back on track, then you've got to give kudos to the studio for swallowing its pride and listening to its fans.