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Well, the World Cup is over and there’s no Wimbledon, so looks like it’s back to the good ol’ games we go this weekend. The release schedule is looking scarily slight at the time of typing, but that makes this period all the more important for backlog clearance. What are you playing? That’s the question.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I’m playing a couple of games for review that couldn’t be more different. The Persistence is a mixture of Dead Space and Rogue Legacy for PlayStation VR, while Train Sim World is my new obsession. And no, I’m not joking – I can’t get enough of the run from London Paddington to Reading.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

There's nothing like a bloody good grind on the weekend (phwoar!), so I'll be splitting my time between Monster Hunter: WorldDestiny 2, and The Elder Scrolls Online. If I get sick of playing one of them, I'll just jump to another. The perfect plan. 

Stephen Tailby, Senior Staff Writer

This weekend, I’m once again hiding away from the summer sun and playing some games. I’ll be checking out Sonic Mania’s brand new content, including two new characters, remixed stages, and a new mode. With the game already a delightful return to form for the blue hedgehog, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in.

Jacob Hull, Reviewer

I usually use the summer months to clear my backlog. It's often full of games that never clicked with me or games that just weren't very good. But this year it looks like an incredible lineup: God of War, NieR Automata, and Horizon: Zero Dawn among them. Hopefully the paradox of choice won't prevent me from playing any of them. 

Jade Sayers, Reviewer

This weekend, I’ll be finishing off CollarxMalice and getting my 63rd platinum trophy. I’m also hoping to make some real progress on NieR: Automata, but that game is seriously kicking my ass so I think I might be getting ahead of myself.

Rebecca Stow, Reviewer

Currently revisiting a gaming classic in the form of BioShock 2. Over the past week I both started and finished BioShock for the first time, and since then I’ve been rampaging through the series. So far, I have not been disappointed! 

Sam Brooke, Reviewer

It'll be more Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered for me this weekend as I wonder if it's possible to make a living from writing puns while I smash EDF property with Mason's trusty sledgehammer. I'll also throw some Hasbro Family Fun Pack action in there too: Risk is becoming a favourite with my friends, though I doubt they'll stick around after I invade South America after explicitly saying I wouldn't.

Victor Nowogurski, Moderator

Since I finished Bayonetta last weekend I am moving on to the next game on my Xbox Backlog, Ori and the Blind Forest. Been excited for this one for awhile now and is one reason I wanted an Xbox One. I hope it meets my expectations!

Wow, it's a bumper edition of WAYP to get your weekend started in the right way. Of course, it's over to you to tell us what you're playing in the comments section below. Go!