Battlefield V, or Battlefield 5 as some sites have taken to naming it, will be officially unveiled later this week – and in order to amp up enthusiasm, publisher EA has released a teensy snippet of footage to get you in the mood. You can watch all 10 seconds below:

While it doesn’t show much other than a grizzled pilot, the heads-up display at the top of the video appears to include the British Union Jack and the German Balkenkreuz, all but confirming that we’re looking at a World War II title here. The setting was of course rumoured some time ago, but this is official evidence that developer DICE will be turning back the clocks yet again.

The last thing we want clearing up is how you pronounce the title: is it Battlefield 5 – or is it actually Battlefield Vee? All will be revealed 1PM PT on 23rd May, when The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is set to showcase the shooter for the very first time.