Love them or loathe them, your decisions rarely mean much in Telltale games. Many are willing to work with this, enjoying the illusion of choice and soaking up the story anyway; others feel like it undermines the entire point. Whichever fence you sit on, we’re quite impressed to learn that there’ll be two disparate finales to Batman: The Enemy Within depending upon how you’ve played the season so far.

Thus far, this series has been all about John Doe, the developer’s distorted take on the Joker. And how you’ve dealt with the crazed character in the four episodes up to this point will influence his transition into the iconic villain. One version of the finale will see him become a vigilante, fighting alongside Batman for the good of Gotham; the other will be more faithful to the original vision of the character, as he indulges his dark side.

Say what you will about Telltale, we really like its alternative take on the Batman universe. The studio’s done a wonderful job of subverting expectations with the juvenile John Doe, while we’ve appreciated some of the smaller tweaks to the canon, too. The developer can be hit or miss these days, but it’s done a decent job with Batman, and we’re secretly hoping that this story will continue once Season Two wraps.

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