Monster Hunter World Kulu-Ya-Ku Guide 1

Kulu-Ya-Ku is one of the first large monsters you'll face in Monster Hunter: World, and it'll keep cropping up throughout your adventure due to having two natural habitats.

It's not a particularly tough monster to bring down, but there are a few attacks that you'll definitely want to avoid. There are also specific areas worth targeting over others too.

We want to help you not only survive this encounter, but also to end it as quickly as possible. Read on for our guide on how to beat Kulu-Ya-Ku, its weaknesses, and strategies to employ.

What are Kulu-Ya-Ku's weak spots?

Kulu-Ya-Ku only has one weak point: the head. It's not an enormous target, but at least you have something to aim for to do a bunch more damage.

Also, while it's not a weak spot, you can break Kulu-Ya-Ku's claws. We completely recommend that you do that, as it uses them to deal its highest damage.

Is Kulu-Ya-Ku weak to any elements?

Water is Kulu-Ya-Ku's biggest weakness so try and bring a water weapon or ammo. It also has a lesser weakness to fire, thunder, ice, and dragon attacks so don't despair if water isn't your jam.

Monster Hunter World Kulu-Ya-Ku Guide 2

Is Kulu-Ya-Ku weak to any ailments?

Kulu-Ya-Ku is equally weak to poison, sleep, paralysis, blast, and stun so there's no need to prioritise any over the other.

Is Kulu-Ya-Ku weak to any weapon types?

Slicing, blunt, and missile damage are all effective against Kulu-Ya-Ku – particularly if you hit it in the head.

Kulu-Ya-Ku attack patterns

Kulu-Ya-Ku will attack with its claws and occasionally perform a jumping attack. This is the one to watch out for, as it does mega damage.

After you've whittled down some health, Kulu-Ya-Ku will start digging in the earth to pull up a rock. While carrying this, its attacks are deadly so you want to make sure to attack its claws to force it to drop the rock.

Whatever you do, make sure you avoid the jumping attack while Kulu-Ya-Ku is holding a rock. You'll likely faint on impact.