Monster Hunter World Jyuratodus Guide 1

Monster Hunter: World's Jyuratodus is a pretty intimidating monster, as it forces you to fight in water. This slows your movement and affects your ability to dodge, which kind of sucks given how hard it hits.

Not only that, but like Barroth, Jyuratodus covers itself in hardened mud that protects it from your attacks. 

But there are ways to defeat Jyuratodus without a hitch and that's exactly what we're here to tell you. We'll also go through weaknesses and ailments.

What are Jyuratodus's weak spots?

Jyuratodus is weak to head and tail attacks. While you can't sever the tail, it is breakable. The same can be said for Jyuratodus's back and legs, though that's likely due to breaking the hardened mud off it.

If you're using a ranged weapon, it's best to hit Jyuratodus in the head if possible. While it does take increased damage to the tail, it has a slight resistance to ranged attacks.

Is Jyuratodus weak to any elements?

Much like Barroth, Jyuratodus's elemental weaknesses change depending on whether or not its covered in mud. While covered, it's weak to water so use that to clean it off.

Once the mud has broken though, Jyuratodus's true weakness is revealed – lightning attacks. These hit Jyuratodus really hard. The monster will take damage from fire, ice, and dragon, but not much, and water is completely ineffective once the mud is off.

Monster Hunter World Jyuratodus Guide 1

Is Jyuratodus weak to any ailments?

Jyuratodus is particularly receptive to stunning attacks, and can be poisoned and paralysed with relative ease. Blast and sleep aren't very effective against this particular monster though.

Jyuratodus attack patterns

Jyuratodus is a water dwelling monster, and will try and keep you submerged during combat. This is deadly for two reasons: Jyuratodus does its most powerful attacks while in water and your mobility and evasion will be reduced.

If you can, try and equip skills or equipment that allow you to move faster in water, as this will offset all downsides to fighting Jyuratodus in this environment.

During the first phase of the fight, use water attacks and slinger ammo to clear off the mud covering Jyuratodus. This will expose its weak points: the tail and its head.

Watch out for its two most powerful attacks though. One has Jyuratodus dive into the water, swim over to you, and shoot up out of the water beneath you. Watch out for the ripples in the water to avoid this attack.

The other sees Jyuratodus charge through the water right at you. In this instance, just dodge left or right out of the way as you would against Barroth, but wait until the monster has committed in a certain direction.