Monster Hunter: World Mount Large Monsters 1

Did you know you could mount large monsters in Monster Hunter: World in order to deal a ton of damage to a specific body part without fear of attack? Thought not. Unless you're already familiar with the franchise, you'll probably completely overlook this, and a bunch more features.

In fact, the only way you can really learn how to do it is by accident. Or, you could just read this guide and we'll tell you exactly how it's done, and why you should do it.

How do I mount a large monster in Monster Hunter: World?

It's actually surprisingly easy. All you have to do is jump off a platform and press triangle when you're on top of the monster. You have to get it right though, or it won't work.

To start, you have to be well over the monster to mount it. It won't work if you're just over a small part, or press triangle after you've flown over it. You also have to make sure you get enough height, so try and pick a sizeable platform.

Why should I mount a large monster?

You don't have to ever really mount a large monster, but it's a fun feature and can deal some insane damage to a specific body part. It's also possibly the safest way to attack a monster, as they're unable to retaliate while mounted.

So I'm in no danger at all?

Not unless they throw you off. To ensure that doesn't happen, make sure you keep your stamina topped up at all times. It's a great idea to keep meat or rations in your inventory if you're planning longer hunting sessions.

Monster Hunter: World Aim for Specific Body Parts

How do I stay on the monster?

So there are two ways a monster might try and throw you off, and you should pay close attention to the icons on the top right of the screen to know how to react.

If you're attacking a specific body part, the monster might try and shake you off. When this happens, quickly move to a different part until it calms down, then go back to where you were.

The monster might also generally try and shake you off, and in this case you should brace by holding R2. Keep it held down until the monster calms down.

Is there any way to get back on a monster that's thrown me off?

Yes! If you're quick, you can press L2 or R2 while in the air to fire your slinger at the monster and get back on top of it.

What do I do when I'm on top of a monster?

Attack! You'll whip out your dagger automatically and you can hammer triangle to deal damage to the monster. Eventually, it will tire, allowing you to perform a devastating finisher, but only if it doesn't throw you off first.

Can I aim for a specific body part?

Yes, and we suggest that you do that. You can use your left analogue to leap between parts of a monster, and then hammer triangle to attack it. Your finishing move might even break it, because it does deal a sizeable amount of damage.