The official website for Capcom's Devil May Cry HD Collection has been refreshed with some new screenshots, and it's not looking too great. If you were hoping for a totally redone trilogy especially for PlayStation 4, you may be disappointed in what you see below.


It turns out that this is simply a re-release of 2012's PS3 Devil May Cry collection, with a resolution bump up to 1080p the lone enhancement. A disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage reads, "This collection is a re-release of the 2012 Devil May Cry HD Collection, enhanced for the latest generation of gaming hardware. No changes have been made to game content."

It's not the end of the world, of course, but it's perhaps a little deflating. The trilogy will launch on PS4 13th March. Will you be playing through Dante's original adventures once again? Juggle your thoughts in the comments below.