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Assassin's Creed Origins' second boss event is live on PlayStation 4. Much like the Anubis event which took place a couple of weeks ago, you're tasked with taking down the physical manifestation of an Egyptian god. In this case, you'll be going toe to toe with Sobek. Here's a quick guide on where to find him, how to beat him, and what loot you get for doing so.

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How do you access the Sobek boss fight?

As long as you copy of Assassin's Creed Origins is up to date, the game should tell you about the Sobek event as soon as you boot it up and hit the main menu. Sobek will stick around until the 29th November.

When you load your save, the quest should pop up and be added to the quest page of your character screen.

What level should you be to fight Sobek?

As was the case with Anubis, the game pegs Sobek's quest at level 40 -- the max level. You'll want to be at least level 35 to stand a good chance of beating him.

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Where is the Sobek boss fight on the map?

Your quest marker will take you to a region known as the Herakleion Nome. It's a swampy area at the top right of the map, just under the Great Green Sea region. You can find the Sobek boss fight around the middle of the area, in a large, circular swampland that has nothing else in it.

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How do you beat Sobek?

Sobek's weak spot is found on his chest. Shoot the glowing orb-like point with arrows to do damage. All types of bow work well enough, but if you can get up relatively close, warrior bows in particular can dish out a lot of pain. From a distance, try a good light bow. To replenish your arrows, pick up the loot bags that appear on the ground throughout the fight.

Like Anubis before him, Sobek will mostly throw ranged attacks your way. The crocodile-headed god will attempt to smash you with earth-based abilities. His primary method of attack sees him send a shock wave of mud and earth towards you, and it has quite a wide reach. Simply perform an evasive dash at the right time to avoid it. Take not that this attack becomes more frequent as Sobek loses more and more health.

Sobek's second earth-based move creates circular explosions of mud. Once you see the red circles forming on the ground, find a safe space between them. When you start seeing Sobek use this attack, it won't be long until he summons groups of armed guards. These are your standard grunt enemies, so just take them down as you usually would.

Sobek's final ability can do a lot of damage, so make sure that you're aware of it. When the whole battlefield turns red, Sobek is about to call down a volley of arrows. Instead of trying to dodge these projectiles, it's easier to simply raise your shield and block them.

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What loot do you get from beating Sobek?

Wreck Sobek and you'll be rewarded with the Was Scepter, which appears to be a pretty powerful legendary weapon. It has a high combo multiplier and a decent critical hit rate. The latter is important, because the scepter actually restores your health on critical hits.