Final Fantasy XV's third expansion is out today on PlayStation 4, but unlike the game's previous character episodes, this latest addition offers a completely different experience. Indeed, the focus is on co-op multiplayer in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, as teams take on missions to hold back the darkness and the monsters that lurk within it.

Naturally, Square Enix has released the launch trailer that we've embedded above in an attempt to get you hyped. The expansion is part of the title's season pass, or you can buy it separately for £15.99. You'll need Final Fantasy XV's latest update installed to get started, and the expansion itself weighs in at a further 7.5GB.

Despite our somewhat negative feelings on the aforementioned character episodes (nah, we didn't like them all that much), we're genuinely looking forward to seeing what Comrades throws our way. We'll hopefully have a review for you in the near future.

Will you be playing Comrades today? Call dibs on that super cool katana weapon in the comments section below.