That update that CD Projekt Red initially said it wouldn't release is now available to download. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's latest patch adds PS4 Pro support, providing a lovely boost in resolution if you're playing the game on Sony's supercharged system. Digital Foundry reports that the difference in image quality is reasonably impressive. As we've come to expect, the title doesn't run in native 4K, but it uses a bunch of different methods to "create a respectable illusion" of the full resolution. Not bad at all.

There's a slight problem, however. In some areas of the map, the publication says that the framerate has actually gotten worse, which is frustrating given that the game's last few patches before this one had it running smoother than ever.

"It doesn't affect the game at large, and PS4 Pro operates at 30fps for the most part. However stress areas involving heavy alpha effects run worse on PS4 Pro by an obvious delta," Digital Foundry states. "Taking our Crookback Bog test as an example, we're looking at a divide up to five frames per second - that's 25fps versus the 30fps we get on a base PS4. Running through alpha-heavy marshes at speed, PS4 Pro clearly struggles to resolve double the pixel output of a regular PS4 with these effects overlayed. The net result is a consistent gap, and even arriving to the town at the centre, it continues to run at around 25fps."

As reported, this isn't an issue most of the time, but it's a disappointing drawback all the same. It's ultimately a shame that Pro users are now stuck with this; we've said it before, but some kind of option to disable Pro support would be nice -- especially when you've got games like Skyrim running at a much higher resolution at the cost of very noticeable framerate drops in some areas.

"Overall then, it's fair to count The Witcher 3's PS4 Pro support as a success. Yes, performance isn't improved across the board, but there's a lot to enjoy here: visuals are upgraded, and ultra HDTV owners are getting a great image from the machine," the publication concludes.

What do you make of this one, then? Do you think CD Projekt Red should have bothered after all? Will you be playing the game again on a 4K display? Try not to drop any frames in the comments section below.