final fantasy xv magitek exosuits dlc patch.jpg

Final Fantasy XV is a really weird game, isn't it? Square Enix has been adding to the role-playing title for months now, implementing relatively minor bits of downloadable content here and there - and just about everything that's been added has had us scratching our heads.

Next on the agenda is a set of suits that Noctis and the gang can equip. Dubbed Magitek Exosuits, the multi-coloured outfits look a hell of a lot like the garbs of the Power Rangers - so much so that the publisher actually delayed their release due to the recent Power Rangers movie.

So, what do they do? Well this is where things get even stranger. When equipped, the suits make Noct and the boys invincible for 30 minutes and boost your fishing ability. Now, we know Final Fantasy XV isn't exactly the most balanced game to begin with - don't even get us started on those rubbish timed hunts - but a whole half an hour of straight-up invincibility? It's just... Weird. The catch is that you can only use the suits once every 24 hours, however.

The suits will be added in a free update later this month. Are you still playing Final Fantasy XV? What's your take on all this crazy stuff Square Enix has added to the title? Come up with a catchy theme song in the comments section below.