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Oof, this is one juicy rumour. Originating over on Reddit, the whispers say that Capcom is preparing Super Street Fighter V, which will essentially act as an expansion to the existing Street Fighter V. Apparently, those who already own the base game will be able to download Super Street Fighter V for free, as if it's one big update.

The rumoured expansion will add an arcade mode, extra battle, and "some sort of PvE mode against the Illuminati". It'll also expand upon existing mechanics and incorporate new critical arts. What's more, it'll supposedly beef up the character roster with Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C. Viper, Q, and Necro.

So, all of this sounds pretty great, but is it too good to be true? Well, the possibility of this being fake certainly exists, but the rumour as a whole at least sounds plausible. Street Fighter V hasn't been the smash hit that Capcom wanted - sales fell off a cliff not too long after launch, and outside of the hardcore crowd, the game's stuck with a terrible reputation for being an unfinished product. 

Ages ago, the publisher said that it wouldn't re-release enhanced versions of Street Fighter V later down the line, but the situation's changed drastically since then. By framing Super Street Fighter V as a free expansion, the company can sidestep criticism to some extent - and let's face it, the game really does need to be rebooted in order to regain any mainstream relevancy that it once had.

Again though, there's definitely a whiff of fan fiction here, so we wouldn't bet the farm on this rumour just yet. Still, wouldn't it be nice if it was true? We'd finally have what feels like a finished Street Fighter game on PlayStation 4.

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