Ovosonico must not suffer with OCD, because it’s dated its promising PlayStation 4 indie title Last Day of June for release on the last day of August. The “emotional interactive journey” will drop on 31st August, with pre-orders opening today and boasting a 25 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus members. The title will cost £14.99 in the UK.

“Last Day of June reveals core mechanics of the meaningful narrative, in which players discover portals to the past that allow them to unlock and become characters intertwined in June’s story,” the blurb reads. “Each character will present new emotionally challenging puzzles to solve, as June’s bereaved husband Carl attempts to turn back time and save her life.”

The game has some star talent attached to it, including Murasaki Baby director Massimo Guarini, record producer Steven Wilson, and Frankenweenie animator Jess Cope. Check out the trailer embedded above if you didn’t see it earlier in the year – it’s looking pretty special in our humble opinion.