E3 2017 is approaching faster than The Flash, which gives us the perfect opportunity to pop on our nostalgia glasses and take a trip through memory lane. PlayStation has been at every Electronic Entertainment Expo since its inception, and it’s built up a catalogue of iconic moments in those two and a bit decades.

But there are five moments in Sony history that stand out more than any other, and we’ve collected them in a video feature for you. Watch on to relive some of the greatest moments in E3 lore, spanning mic drops through to epic fails. And once you’re done, don’t forget to vote for your favourite in the poll, and share with us some of your favourite E3 memories in the comments section.

What's your favourite PlayStation E3 press conference moment? (66 votes)

  1. E3 1995: Sony Slaughters SEGA Saturn8%
  2. E3 2006: Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine US Dollars12%
  3. E3 2010: Kevin Butler Kills the Crowd5%
  4. E3 2013: Jack Tretton Drops the Mic33%
  5. E3 2015: The Holy Trinity38%
  6. Other5%

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