So, we've already established that we think Dragon Ball FighterZ looks rather bloody good, but how does it play? After carefully watching these two new gameplay videos that Bandai Namco has released, we reckon it looks a lot like Guilty Gear and Marvel vs. Capcom had a baby.

Developer Arc System Works is the studio behind Guilty Gear, so perhaps the former part of the equation comes as no surprise. FighterZ looks to be using the same tech as Guilty Gear Xrd, which allows for 2D, sprite-like movement of fully 3D character models. The pacing of the game looks a lot like Guilty Gear, too. You've got air dashes, a mixture of different attacks ranging from light jabs to heavy hits, and there even appears to be a dust-esque move that sends your opponent flying.

On the Marvel vs. Capcom side of things, we've obviously got the three-on-three character system. Each character has their own health bar, and they can be summoned in for assist attacks that appear to be on a cooldown timer.

What do you think of this mixture of gameplay influences? Pull off some ridiculous combos in the comments section below.