Hot on the heels of Bethesda's E3 conference came Devolver Digital's segment on Twitch, where it promised a "ridiculous" show with "no game reveals". In all fairness, it delivered exactly that.

The conference, put together by a company called Imagos Films, was no more than 15 minutes long, but was packed with satirical moments, such as canned audience reactions, a psychotic presenter, and even a cameo appearance from Suda51. The humour is very much on the silly side, involving gratuitous strong language and violence, but it manages to pull off most of its jabs at the games industry.

As Devolver itself said, there were no new games shown off whatsoever, so while we recommend you give this your attention, don't expect any big news. Just expect a madcap quarter of an hour of self deprecation (and a surprising amount of blood). Enjoy, and let us know what you make of it in the comments below.