Dragon Quest XI Slime DualShock 4 Controller 1

Much like with the PlayStation 2 back in the day, Hori has announced a Slime DualShock 4 for a new generation. The rotund peripheral – designed to tie-in to the release of Dragon Quest XI on the PlayStation 4 – includes all of the features that you'd expect, including (incredibly) a touchpad, mono speaker, gyroscope, and headphone jack.

Dragon Quest XI Slime DualShock 4 Controller 2

With dimensions of 145mm width x 145mm depth x 124mm height, we're not sure how comfortable this will be to hold, but at least it's got a happy face. It'll release alongside the game on 29th July for ¥‎9,980 (~$90) in Japan, though we don't recommend you hold your breath for a Westen release of this novelty.

[source siliconera.com]