It'sss all about the controlsss. Alright, we'll stop with the annoying sibilance, but it's true: Snake Pass sounds like a recipe for disaster – but it works perfectly when you've got the DualShock 4 in your hands. And the reason for that is because developer Sumo Digital has clearly invested hours and hours into tuning the inputs for this experimental platformer.

You play as Noodle, a slithering snake with a kinder face than Dimitri Payet. Pulling the R2 trigger sets you on your way, and you can weave to increase your speed. Things get more interesting when you need to clamber up bits of bamboo, holding the X button to climb and the L2 trigger to grip. When you find your flow, you almost need to massage the controller into taking you where you need to go.

The visual presentation is spectacular on the PS4 Pro, too, with 4K resolution and HDR an option if you've got Sony's supercharged system. Our only real disappointment is the sound, which is great – the music's been composed by video game legend David Wise – but comes through oddly compressed. It's a real oversight given how sumptuous the title looks.

We'll have a review for you soon.

Are you thinking of slithering away with a copy of Snake Pass following your trip to the PlayStation Store today? Hiss with us in the comments section below.