Just Cause 3, for all of its fun, free-form chaos, runs like garbage on a standard PlayStation 4. Even with no action on screen, the game still loves to drop frames, resulting in an especially shoddy experience. Given its particularly poor performance, many have been wondering whether the PS4 Pro's Boost Mode can help the title finally reach an acceptable frame rate, and thankfully, Digital Foundry is here once again to provide us with answers.

Unfortunately, it's not exactly a happy ending for Rico and his ridiculous sprees of destruction. Although Boost Mode does improve the frame rate overall, it's unable to keep it locked to a steady 30 frames per second, and we still see rather large dips during busy scenarios. It's definitely better, but it's still far from being perfect.

As the publication notes, though, this is probably the best that Just Cause 3 is going to run on PS4 without a specific Pro patch. Sadly, the chances of us ever seeing one seem pretty slim.