Farpoint is awesome, and is deploying on 16th May. The Starship Troopers-esque first-person shooter sees you whisked away to an alien planet, where you're armed to the teeth and tasked with taking down giant alien bugs. The title – developed by Impulse Gear – will launch alongside the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, a light gun-esque PlayStation Move powered weapon which is represented in 3D space within the game.

It's unclear whether the game will be bundled with the machine gun shaped accessory or not, but we hope that it is because it's a big part of the release's appeal. As explained in the video above, you're able to physically aim down the sights of the weapon in order to line up your shots, which is so much more fun than squeezing L2. Is this one you're planning to pick up? Pull the trigger in the comments section below.

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