We didn't see this one coming, did you? That's a… Y'know, spot of sarcasm there in case you didn't detect it. As you should already know, Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions have partnered on the Decima Engine which powers Horizon: Zero Dawn, so unsurprisingly there's an Easter egg for Hideo Kojima's next game buried among the open world adventure's collectibles.

Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4 2

The trinket, named 'Abandoned Amulet', is represented in the game's menus as a silhouette of Ludens, the bonkers space knight which Kojima Productions has adopted as its mascot. The description of the item references the necklace that Norman Reedus' character is wearing in the very first Death Stranding trailer.

This appears to be more of a nice little nod than a full-on tease, but who knows what else is buried in the game? You can bet your bottom dollar that there'll be some sort of Horizon: Zero Dawn reference in Death Stranding, too – and thus the mad back-and-forth begins.

[via youtube.com]