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Hideo Kojima has departed Konami – and he's bringing all of the top talent with him. The new Kojima Productions, which will launch Death Stranding exclusively on the PlayStation 4 as its first project, has quietly been fultoning high-ranked employees and adding them to its office. We already know that art director Yoji Shinkawa, producer Ken-Ishiro Imaizumi, and ex-Konami Europe boss Shinji Hirano have joined the auteur – but there are many more.

The most notable of these is Akio Sakamoto, one of the main names behind the FOX Engine. That's got to be a big coup for Guerrilla Games and the Decima Engine. Other additions include game designers Masaki Saito and Jackie Tan, cinematic artist Yasuhiro Kawakami, and senior character designer Chihoko Uchiyama. That's a whole lot of talent, and it means that Kojima Productions must be almost ready to begin work on its new game in earnest.

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We're feeling really confident about Death Stranding. With Guerrilla Games contributing technology, PS4 architect Mark Cerny helping out, and Sony overseeing the project instead of Konami, there's plenty of reason to be excited. It's still going to take a long time to get made, but it's one to look forward to in the future. And let's be honest here: the trailers alone have been absolutely incredible.