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The Tales series has always taken its main cast of characters pretty seriously, and Tales of Berseria is no different. The upcoming action role-playing game takes a slightly different path to its predecessors, opting to focus on a more mature story that's pushed to the forefront by a somewhat troubled playable party.

Usually, the property's happy to plop you into the shoes of a bunch of indisputable good guys, but here, we've got six relatively rough and tumble troublemakers. As such, we've decided to take a closer look at the game's deliciously dark cast.


Velvet Crowe

Age: 19
Weapon: Gauntlet blade

At the start of the game, lead character Velvet is living a reasonably happy existence, but her life's flipped upside down when her younger brother is killed as a sacrificial offering of peace. From that moment on, she's driven by her desire for revenge, and stops at nothing to get it. It also doesn't help that she's part daemon, her left arm engulfed in dark energy. With her super powered limb, she's able to devour other daemons, and naturally, this makes her a dangerous combatant in battle.

Speaking of which, Velvet's worth having around during a brawl. When she doesn't have her evil claw out on display, she makes do with her gauntlet blade - an extendable sword that's fixed to her right arm. She also makes use of lightning fast kicks and acrobatics, making for an agile and especially stabby fighting style.


Rokurou Rangetsu

Age: 22
Weapon: Dual blades

Like Velvet, Rokurou is something of a daemon, as evidenced by the markings on his face that he keeps covered with his hair. A swordsman from a distant land, he's been able to fight off the dark urges that come with his transformation into a monster, to the point where he actively works to be the party's protector.

In combat, Rokurou is a bit of a speedster, whipping around the battlefield while wielding two large daggers. With them, he's able to pull off quick combos and barrage his foes with violent flurries. Rokurou also has a large sword sheathed on his back, but he's not keen on showing or using it.



Age: 10
Weapon: Paper sheets

The youngest member of the group, Laphicet was raised as a magical tool for Exorcists - those whose duty it is to hunt daemons. As such, he has no real concept of emotion or personality; his existence is somewhat pitiful in the eyes of Velvet, and although the two clash at first, she soon takes him under her wing. Given his inexperience with the world around him and his young age, it's safe to say that Laphicet matures hugely during the adventure.

Wielding unorthodox paper sheets as a weapon, Laphicet mostly relies on magical artes during battle. His unfortunate background means that he's able to command powerful elemental abilities, but a lack of mobility means that he's vulnerable on the front lines. Fortunately, he's got a whole entourage of up-close-and-personal allies to keep him out of harm's way.



Age: Unknown
Weapon: Guardians

Arguably the party's most mysterious member, Magilou is a mischievous witch and self-proclaimed sorceress. Much like Velvet and Rokurou, Magilou has made many an enemy thanks to her abilities, and she winds up joining the group following a series of not-so-fortunate events.

As you'd expect, Magilou has access to various powerful spells that she can call upon in battle. Her tricky nature makes her something of a devious fighter, and her weapon of choice is similarly deceitful. Her strange little guardians are used to smack foes up close or at a distance, as they can grow in size at her behest.


Eleanor Hume

Age: 18
Weapon: Spear

Unlike most of the party, Eleanor isn't some sort of wanted criminal. Indeed, Miss Hume was actually a high ranking Exorcist, her duties forcing her to cross paths with Velvet a number of times. Needless to say, she has her own reasons for joining up with the ragtag gang.

As you'd expect, Eleanor's disciplined background means that she's handy to have around in combat. She charges into the fray with a spear, which makes her particularly deadly at medium range, where many enemies can't quite reach her. Her strikes are fast and precise, and her fighting style is generally very measured and controlled, particularly when compared to Velvet's somewhat reckless approach.



Age: 800
Weapon: Bracelet

Commonly referred to as 'The Reaper', due to his dark attire and legendary combat prowess, Eizen is a rather serious character who has existed for hundreds of years. A pirate in search of his missing captain, Eizen joins Velvet's crew when their goals align, offering his vast wisdom to the group as well as his deadly power.

In battle, Eizen makes use of magical bracelets in order to enhance the power of his punches. When he's not smacking foes at close range, he's usually dealing out damage with earth-based arts, pummelling his enemies with jagged rocks and devastating quakes. He's a little slower than the rest of the group, but the brute force that comes with many of his attacks makes up for it.

What do you make of Berseria's cast? Do any of these characters tickle your fancy? Create your own crew in the comments section below.